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    Windows 2000 vs Windows XP


    by wmercer ·

    Given the new licensing from Microsoft is it better to move from a Windows 95 environment to 2000 or XP?

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      It Depends

      by ebob ·

      In reply to Windows 2000 vs Windows XP

      It depends on your needs.

      In general, I prefer W2K, but there are other problems. A lot of “legacy” (read: Win9x) software won’t run in W2K. There’s even a piece of software (I forget it’s designation) that supposedly allows older software to run in Win95 (etc.) mode under W2K, but it’s not really as useful as it sounds.

      XP manages this much better.

      XP of course has its problems. There’s the obvious bullsh** about the licensing and activation keys. But as with any “new” O/S, there’s also a strong lack of drivers. That will perhaps change with time.

      Like the man said: Ya pays yer dime, ya takes yer chances.

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