Windows 2000 will not boot

By wrenken1 ·
Hello All,

I am having an issue with a Windows 2000 PC. The computer will not boot up. I get the Windows 2000 screen, then get the BSOD. It states that the boot device is inaccesable. It has been determined that the ntoskernl is missing. I was advised that I could hook the drive up as a slave device and copy it over. Does that make any sense to anyone? I do not have any other Win2000 machines and do not have a copy of the software, if I did, I am sure that I could copy it from that. If anyone has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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Try booting with emergency boot CD

You can find these online. Then check the BIOS settings and make sure the drive and its parameters are detected correctly. You could also try booting into Safe Mode, but if the boot device has a damaged MBR ( Master Boot Record) this might not be available. The recovery CD should be able to assist in determining if the MBR is damaged or not.

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Well, you are pretty much stuck.

by seanferd In reply to Windows 2000 will not boo ...

You need a Windows 2000 disk to fix that, unless you have some other recovery option for Win2k.

So, yeah, I would slave the drive into another machine to pull off whatever data you need. Test the drive to make sure it isn't getting ready to fail with a test utility from the hard drive manufacturer's support site.

There may be a wild chance that
chkdsk /r
may fix an error that would allow the bootloader to find ntoskernl and/or ntdetect if these aren't actually corrupt or missing.

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Recovery Console

by prrethish In reply to Windows 2000 will not boo ...

Boot through a windows setup cd
Press R at the windows setup screen
This will take u to the recovery console
Type chkdsk /r at the recovery prompt
Restart the pc

If not working put the cd and come to the recovery console
copy the corresponding file from the windows installation cd
It is located in the i386 folder in the cd

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Well Actually

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2000 will not boo ...

I would be looking at the BIOS particularly if you have a SATA HDD here.

Reset the BIOS so that it can boot off the SATA Drive and most likely with a W2K System you'll need to replace the BIOS Battery and reset the BIOS. Save the changes as you exit the BIOS and then try restarting the computer. I'm betting that the system will now boot.

If you just want to recover Data off the Drive you can fit the Drive as a Slave to a different system or use a Live Linux which you can get as either a Cover Disc on a Nix Mag at your local Newsagent or download from here


If you just want to rebuild the system and it's not a matter of a Flat BIOS Battery you should contact the maker and see if they have a Recovery Disc available for this model.

Though with hardware of this age I would be looking at using something like the Ultimate Boot CD available free here


To do some diagnostics on the hardware involved to make sure that it's all OK before going any further.


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