Windows 2000 Won't Logon Locally

By wyattbest ·
I was recently asked to repair a nontechnical friend's Windows 2000 Pro machine that wouldn't logon. I booted it first from Peter Nordahl's password change disk and reset the Administrator password.

I then rebooted, and the machine took about <i>half and hour</i> to get to the login screen. It appears that the computer somehow joined a nonexistant domain, and it is trying to get profile info from a network that doesn't exist.

Well, I ought to be able to just select Local Machine on the drop-down, but it isn't there. Does anyone have a solution?

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by retro77 In reply to Windows 2000 Won't Logon ...

Is this thing a DC by any chance? Is it running Windows 200 Professional or Windows 2000 Server?

Thats the only time I have seen a box not display the local machine name.

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Re: DC?

by wyattbest In reply to DC?

This computer is Windows 2000 Professional, and is used a as a home PC. If it is a DC, it isn't supposed to be.

(I am not familiar with Win2k/NT, just 9x and XP.)

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I would

by retro77 In reply to Re: DC?

What I would do is slave the drive to another computer, backup the user data and then put the drive back into the owner's PC and install XP. Most drivers are 2000/XP so it shouldnt be too hard to find drivers.

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Re: I would

by wyattbest In reply to I would

The problem that is that the owner can't afford a copy of XP, so I just booted a Live CD, copied the files with ntfs3g, and set up Kubuntu. The only remaining issue is how to get the QuickBooks Payroll data into GnuCash.

I still wonder how a Windows install that was doing just fine could suddenly crack up so badly.

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by retro77 In reply to Re: I would

Got a copy of 2000 that you can through back on there?

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by wyattbest In reply to 2000

Nope, which is what made this so difficult in the first place (no recovery console).

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wondering if resolved

by dvdbglw In reply to Nope

I realize this thread is almost 3 years old but I'm working on someone's pc that still has win2k pro. It keeps looping the logon prompt. I enter the password, it acts like it's going to logon, then asks for the password again. No errors stating the password was wrong. I do have an XP Pro upgrade disc. Will the upgrade process ask me to save any files during installation? The win2k system is thought to have virsuses etc. so I'd rather not slave it to my Vista machine. Suggestions?

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