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Windows 2000 won't Shut Down on Laptop

By ptlewis1974 ·
Does anyone have experience with Windows 2000 not shutting down all the way? I have seen no support for it thus far. On laptops and desktops. Any suggestions?

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Windows 2000 Shutdown

by edbiehl In reply to Windows 2000 won't Shut D ...

I have had luck with Laptops not shutting down. I make sure I have installed Win2000 SP1 and get all the updates in the'Windows Updates' for your computer.Then run a disk clean-up and a Defrag on the system. This always works for me. I have hadgreat success keeping my computers running top performance when I have them all updated to the latest. Hope this helps.

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Enable "NT APM/Legacy Interface Node"!

by Hallvard Schjolberg In reply to Windows 2000 Shutdown

To do this:
Go to Device Manager -> Computer Management Console. Choose the "Show Hidden Files" option in the View menu. Now enable "NT APM / Legacy Interface Node".
This have fixed power problems on several Windows 2000 machines I support.

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hallvardsc I owe you a cold one

by RTSS In reply to Enable "NT APM/Legacy Int ...

Myself and colleagues we perplexed by the shutdown problem as we were able to shut down the pc's prior to upgrading to Win2K.

Your resolution was THE fix we have been looking sounds so simple and yet....IT IS.

You ROCK! Thank you

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what i did

by tech4life In reply to Windows 2000 won't Shut D ...

i had the similar problem here. I reinstalled 2000 pro and have had no problems with it since.


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try reinstalling your operating system

by giovgonzalez In reply to Windows 2000 won't Shut D ...

you can reistall your operating system. you can also upgrade it to Windows ME. Try checking your configuration settings and see if it is on default settings

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by wesbflyer In reply to try reinstalling your ope ...

Hmmm, is Win ME and upgrade from W2K Pro??

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Shut down problem... ?

by tech In reply to Upgrade???

Try updating the laptop BIOS.

Good Luck.

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Can't do it

by jgraves In reply to Upgrade???

What benefit would you get by 'upgrading' to ME... not to mention that it isn't even possible. A dual boot would be about as close as you could get... otherwise, it would be a complete reinstall. I don't see any benefit at all of going to ME from 2000 unless the hardware just can't handle 2000 and the extra security and other benefits aren't needed. Just my 2 cents of Win2k vs ME.

Justin Graves, MCP

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by kim2786 In reply to Upgrade???

No , If you have ME it is ok to upgrade to Win 2000.

But not win 2000 to Win ME.

Win2000 is more powerfull than ME.

Win ME is the family product of 95/98/ME.

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BIOS Update

by Derek A. Evans In reply to Windows 2000 won't Shut D ...

I had the same problem after upgrading my laptop to Win2K and it was a result of my BIOS not being up to date. I have a Dell and when I went to the Dell support page to see if my laptop was Win2K compatible it said yes and gave me all the drivers Iwould need but it failed mention the BIOS upgrade.

Hope This helps.

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