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Windows 2000 Workstation Problem.

By skbusa ·
My workstation, at the office, will restart at least once a day by itself. It seems to occur whenever there are a number of applications open and I try to close one. Today I replaced the motherboard and power supply. The memory has already been replaced but the problem continues to occur. Any help that you can provide will be appreciated, thanks!

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stops unexpectedly

by apache5056 In reply to Windows 2000 Workstation ...

To specify what Windows 2000 does if the system stops unexpectedly

Open System in Control Panel.
On the Advanced tab, click Startup and Recovery, and under System Failure, choose which of the following actions Windows 2000 should perform if a Stop error occurs:
Write an event to the system log specifies that event information will be recorded in the system log.
Send an administrative alert specifies that your system administrator will be notified.
Automatically reboot specifies that Windows 2000 will automatically restart your computer.

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Thanks to all of you! :-)

by skbusa In reply to stops unexpectedly

I will definitely give all of the above suggestions a try (one at a time and let you know what happens). Thanks again!

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Before you try the above...

by LPhilly2000 In reply to Thanks to all of you! :- ...

The first thing you want to do is set it NOT TO REBOOT!! Then your system will stop at the BSOD. On about the 2nd or 3rd line down, read from the right & you could find out what the problem is. I had many a problem with a bad modem or a printer driver and being able to see the Blue Screen of death instead of Auto rebooting, it helped. Now if it reads WIN32.SYS or something pertaining to the OS, I would check to be sure you have a good BIOS.

Good luck....

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New installation

by skbusa In reply to Before you try the above. ...

Thanks for all of your replies. I tried them all but, unfortunately, the problem became progressively worse and the last day was pure ****. I did a fresh installation of Windows 2000 and the problem hasn't occurred again. Sandra

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Hardware acceleration

by Securitytech In reply to Windows 2000 Workstation ...

Try turning down the hardware acceleration.

Start--Control Panel--Display--Settings--Advanced--Troubleshooting

Back the slider off a couple of spots.

This has fixed that problem before.

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Before you go crazy ....

by bootstrap In reply to Windows 2000 Workstation ...

... your prior fixes SHOULD have worked.

power supply is #1 suspect, but video card/driver can cause it once in a blue moon.

As a last attempt - just before going off the edge, mechanically disconnect your reset switch from the Mobo. Once every zillion years the switch gets a short - NO ONE ever suspects the reset switch.

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Give this a go and it will work

by jmellitas In reply to Windows 2000 Workstation ...

I had this problem and it was driving me crazy. The problem took a lot of eliminating and i can not guarantee it will the same for you as it can be a number of things but the issue I had was it would constantly reboot. Disabling the system entry as already suggested works but this is just a quyick fix to a problemw hich still remains.

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