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windows 2003 5/10 clients quesiton

By icelemon ·
hi, im looking at windows server 2003 purchasing page. i like to know what are the differences between the full version (5 clients) and the full version (10 client)

25 computers (xp family/pro) connects to one server (2003 standard) does that mean only 5 or 10 client-machines in our company will be likely to connect to the server?

if not what does it mean with 5 clients and 10 clients? wish to hear your descriptions, thanks!

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by dustyD In reply to windows 2003 5/10 clients ...

That means that the shipping license comes with either 5 or 10 client (access)licenses. You can also buy these individually to total however many users, or 'seats' you wish to be able to connect at once.
MS Open licensing sku for one server license:
User and device CAL, respectively:

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by dustyD In reply to

The products that you referenced on the MS page are 'retail box' versions. You can either buy one of those, and then buy the Open Licnese version of the client access license (R18-00133 is the ordering part #) to equal the # of users you project as BFilmFan suggests, or you can buy the Open License for Server, (P73-00295) and buy the total # of users needed, (R18-00133 again) whichever is cheaper. (Note when you buy an OpenLicense version license, you also need to buy the media for installation.P73-00156)If you only have 10 client access licenses (CAL's), then 45 users would not be able connect to the server, only 10 at a time.
Hope I have 'splained it clearly enough.

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by icelemon In reply to

i'll try harder to remember the terms, thanks

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by icelemon In reply to windows 2003 5/10 clients ...

hi DustyD, thanks again.

i am not sure if ive got all that @@" sorry..its my fault
what is P73-00295, R18-00133 and R18-00134?

lastly you are saying if i have for example 10 client(access) licenses
when 55 machines hooked to the main server
the rest of 45 machines will be left out for no file storage and internet access solution?

basically the file storage solution is for collegues. internal network usage
5GB for 55 people. (simple file storage solution like Z: drive connect to the server from a client machine)
each will have its own ftp external access for their Z: drive

so i do require to purchase 55 volume license for one server?
the 55 client-machines are using XP pro and families

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by BFilmFan In reply to windows 2003 5/10 clients ...

Access licenses are tied to either the system (which anyone can then use) or users (who can then access from any system.)

The easiest way for you to remember this is to buy one user access license per users. 55 users 55 licenses.

'Nuff Said.

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by icelemon In reply to

i see so it works against how many end-users you have, rather have it per server, is per accessing-user. expensive in a way

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by ippirate In reply to windows 2003 5/10 clients ...

Along with all that has been said above, I notice that you add a comment about running XP Pro and families on the desktop. By families, I assume you mean Home, in which case you will need to upgrade those systems to Pro, otherwise they will not be able to access your domain.

On the whole of the licensing, I agree with BFilm, keep it simple there, one user=one license. It will cut down on a lot of confusion as your network grows.

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by icelemon In reply to windows 2003 5/10 clients ...

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