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Windows 2003 adding server to domain

By dunneman ·
I am trying to add a Windows 2003 server to an existing network domain which currently has a single Windows 2003 server acting as domain controller. The name of the domain is "ocean". Currently, the new server is being assigned an IP and is able to see the Internet. However, when I try adding the new server to the Ocean domain, I get the error "The Specified User Already Exists" after entering an account name and password with administrator rights. What could be causing this message? Obviously the user exists, because it could not validate a non-existing user account. I did a search on the Internet for the solution, and the only solution I found that seemed to apply to this was to enter the domain name without ".local", which is what I was already doing. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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by cliff680 In reply to Windows 2003 adding serve ...

What about the PC that unique??

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by dunneman In reply to

The PC name is unique.

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by newsletters In reply to Windows 2003 adding serve ...

Hello, just a few pointers and I hope I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs or anything like that, but

Why are you using an assigned address? If its a server obviously best to make it static.

Is the new server already a member of A Domain? Was it upgraded from a previous server or is it a fresh install?

Does the domain account you are using to add it to the domain conflict with a matching local account?

I'm wondering if there is a conflicting Netbios name somewhere?

Do you have any mapped drives at all. I had something similar trying to join a member server the other day and had used the Administrator account to map a drive and then when I was trying to join it to the domain it said No way those credentials are already in use!

Turned out it was due to a mapped drive!

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by dunneman In reply to

By the way, the new server was not already on a domain. I tried assigning a static IP to the server, and restarting the server, and adding the server to the domain again, and got the same error message.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 2003 adding serve ...

anything in the event logs? we could look it up easier with an event id source and description. if i had more time right now i would go look up your error string in mskb at maybe email ms with copy of your post so that could be cooking in the background. what other history of this box may you be omitting? rebuilt recently? new domain?
so am just guessing but what could cause it besides some weird 2003 server thing we don't know about yet. those would be complex solutions maybe the way i understand occams rezor says we can try simple stuff with good chance of success which is why i always try simple stuff. as others say, hope you don't take offense at my feeble you HAVE confirmed basic network connectivity to ad with ping and such, yes?
here is how i would work it: if it says user already exists, then user does. i believe my error message without compelling evidence to do otherwise as that is simpler. so what user does it think it has. well, the one i am typing in. simple. (that is the domain admin account, i presume?) so why would it tell me this. i guess so i can't create two accounts with same name. so where does it think it is creating this account? maybe simple explanation is some reason can't find or connecdt to ad/dc. so it's trying to make a local account. maybe first time this looked a little different? while it make the local account with the admin name the first time. but why is it not even trying to go out and look for dc. hmmm, if it is, it's failing and that is the kind of thing that will get reported in the security event log...if not even getting that far, well...then i am wondering about my dns and other tcpip settings on this box. you got it using dhcp because static won't quite work for you yet maybe? you could just ask ms via email if they would describe the join ad/domain auth. process of 2003 as configured as standalone server. how does the thing located it's dc anyway.

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by dunneman In reply to

Technically this did not help me, but it got me thinking about all possible sources of the error message. I reinstalled Windows Server 2003, and it gave the same error... then I realized that the computer name was the same as it had been in a previous incarnation of the server, when it had the same name and was a member of the domain. I checked Active Directory, and the old name was not listed, but just to be safe I gave the server a new name, sticking to my company's naming conventions for servers (igneous rocks, if you're really interested), and tried joining the domain again, and it worked. I guess because I didn't formally remove the computer from the domain previously ( it had crashed), there were still traces of it in the Active Directory, even though the name did not show up under the list of computer names.

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by dunneman In reply to Windows 2003 adding serve ...

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