windows 2003 and linksys router

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I have a win2003 r3 with two nic's one has a static IP address from my ISP. I want this card to serve as my connection to the internet as well as serve my web site. The other connection goes into my linksys router that will serve my wireless and wired client using Dhcp. The must be able to get out to the internet. I can't seem to figure out what the IP addresses and gateway for the none static nic card and router should be.

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by retro77 In reply to windows 2003 and linksys ...

Both cards on the server should be static. Only set a default gateway on the external facing card. Turn off DHCP on the router. Open the neccesary ports on the router [firewall] to allow TCP port 80 to come to your server.

Setup DHCP on the server, make the server's internal NIC your end clients default gateway.

You going to need to get ISA probably. Not sure how the config goes to route the clients to the internet without ISA.

Let us know how it goes.

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swap around

by CG IT In reply to Ok

the router needs to be the gateway to the internet so connect it to your ISP.

if you want a router in front of the W2003 server you can just buy another one and connect it to the linksys via the linksys LAN port.

if you connect your W2003 server directly to the internet and want a router on the W2003 LAN subnet, you have to connect the router WAN port to the W2003 Server LAN. A switch will accomplish this. the only problem with this is that the server now has to act as a router itself routing traffic from your router through it to the ISP.

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Thats What I Meant

by retro77 In reply to swap around

{WAN Cloud}<-->[Router/Firewall]<-->(Windows Server)<-->**LAN segment**

I will say from experience that having the Windows server route for you will slow things down.

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