Windows 2003 CAL requirements

By khurram ·
I have one box running with 50 CALs in place.

I plan on getting a second win 2003 box to run "Enterprise Search Express",

On my second box, do I need to purchase another 50 CALs? Users connect to Enterprise search via a browser. Are CALs required for this purpose?

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Depends on what the actual connection is

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows 2003 CAL requirem ...

If it's through a Internal LAN then Yes you need more CAL's but if it's connecting from the Web no you don't.

But if the 50 Users are not all connecting at the same time you may get by with fewer CAL's though if memory serves me correctly buying 50 is cheaper than buying 2 X 20 and 1 X 10 CAL's.

Don't you just love M$ Licensing?


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by khurram In reply to Depends on what the actua ...

So I only need licenses for concurrent users? What would a connection look like for a web browsers.. each connection would last just a few milliseconds?

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Depends on how the Browser is connecting

by OH Smeg In reply to concurrent

If it's internal the Web Rules no longer apply as there is a permanent connection while the software is running and while the actual data transfer is short the connection remains intact till it's broken by the user.

As Ben said it depends on the type of CAL being used but if you only had the 1 Windows Server then most times whoever sells the CAL's sells the Server Type. Well with any that I deal with at least.

The Device Type are only used here by organizations with several Windows Servers as it saves them a lot of money. However if the company only has the 1 Windows Server they tend to buy the Server CAL's as they are cheaper initially.

The link to M$ CAL Licensing is probably the best explanation available but even then it can be confusing and you really need todays Interpretation by M$ to decide what the rules are today.

It also depends on who you talk to at M$ as I keep getting different Opinions but I'm not the average User of CAL's as I sell them to different Companies when I setup their Servers.


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CAL's are Windows biggest problem

by ben.rattigan In reply to Windows 2003 CAL requirem ...

Microsoft still hasn't got this right yet.

The existing box you have, how are the CAL's applied? Per Server or Per Device/User (seat)?

If they are applied per seat then you will need separate CAL's for your new box. If they are per user then the 50 CAL's you already have will allow up to 50 users in your organisation to access any of your Windows servers. Per device is the same as per user other than it is applied to a device with multiple users.

If any of the users do not work for your organisation then the rules change for this and you need External Connector licence.

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CALs and Servers

by khurram In reply to CAL's are Windows biggest ...

The 50 I have a per User CALs. This means, that if I'm adding a new server, I do not need to get another 50 CALs?

So existing CALs give me the ability to access an unlimited amount of windows servers?

Sorry, its very confusing. If I buy additional CALs, I will need to apply the same CALs to all my servers?

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Re This means, that if I'm adding a new server]/i]

by OH Smeg In reply to CALs and Servers

Yes it does mean that you can use the same CAL's on any Windows Server.

However you need to check that the CAL's have been correctly described on whatever you are looking them up on.

If you think M$ Licensing is As Cleat as Mud you should attempt dealing with them on a daily basis. It's a major headache.


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Licensing Service on Windows 2003

by ben.rattigan In reply to Windows 2003 CAL requirem ...

Check this link, it probably explains it better.

Microsoft also suggest disabling the Licensing Service for Windows Server 2003 as it does not correctly report usage anymore.

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