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    Windows 2003 Cluster on ESXi Server without SAN or Storage


    by ahsan_h ·


    I have 2 Dell 2950 Servers with ESXi 4.0 installed on them and Two Windows 2003 Server Ent VMs running on each ESXi server. I want to cluster these two servers. I do not have SAN or storage device conncted to any on the servers.

    Is it possible to have windows cluster in two ESXi servers without any SAN or storage device.? If yes can anyone please guide me step-by-step.

    Thanks in advance.

    Node-1 On ESXi Server-1
    Node-2 On ESXi Server-2
    No SAN or Storage device Available.

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      by ahsan_h ·

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        Reply to Peconet Tietokoneet

        by ahsan_h ·

        In reply to Exchange 2003 on a Windows 2003 two node Cluster.

        Dear Peconet Tietokoneet,

        The article you are refering to does not give the details of if clustering is possible without SAN or shared storage.


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          Actually if you read it correctly it does say…

          by peconet tietokoneet ·

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          That you need to have “Shared storage” to do a cluster.

          Just to give you a bit of what it said because you have NOT read it correctly:

          >>>>> All nodes of the cluster use a Shared Disk – an external disk or disk subsystem which is accessible for all nodes through SCSI (2 Nodes) or Fibre Channel (more than 2 nodes). All data will be stored on the shared disk or an external disk subsystem (for example Exchange databases).<<<<< edited to add more info.

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      by mohammad oweis ·

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      If you don’t need any shared storage between the two servers, like: share folders, SQL DB, Oracle DB, mail boxes, …etc
      Just an application running and no shared data, then absolutely yes.
      If there will be some shared data, it depends on what it is.
      lets say shared folders, so you can create a DFS root and replicate the data between the two servers.
      And for SQL & Oracle DB, you can replicate the DBs between the two servers, i am not an expert in that field, but i am sure it can be done.

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        Reply to Oweis

        by ahsan_h ·

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        Dear Oweis,

        I am not talking about shared folders. When we create a windows cluster, Quorum drive is required to be installed on shared storage or SAN. I need to achieve this somehow without shared storage or SAN.


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