Windows 2003 clustering with Vmware ESX 3.x

By spirrottina ·
I have an issue with clustering two virtual machines to be used as a Print server. I am using MNS with a witness file share for the quorum database configuration. Everything works fine with the failover side of things. When I shutdown, reboot, stop services, etc a node the failover works fine. The problem I have is with the print spooler using a shared physical disk. The nodes are configured to use a shared physical disk located on a Raw LUN on the SAN. Each VM is configured to connect to this disk on a separate SCSI controller from the main boot disk. When I disconnect one of the nodes off the network (edit settings, network adapter, remove tick against connected), it does not release the disk (ie bus reset) for the other node to pickup the disk. Therefore, failover does not work. Although the node is offline, it still has ownership of that shared disk. This is the only situation where the failover does not work. I have gone through vmware documentation and tried a few things they have suggested but still no luck. Sorry if I haven't explained myself well. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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