Windows 2003 DC on AD 2000 network

By Wiseguytr ·
This is something I tried find out since 8 hours but no solution whatsoever, so I'd be very grateful if someone could help me out on this.

There is the situation: Win2k3 Std Server (primary) DC, Win2k Server fileserver.

I'm trying to join another Win2k3 server to the domain, but although I try to run /adprep forestprep and /adprep domain prep, the DCPROMO doesnt seem to recognize the adprep that is created on the pri-DC (Win2k3).

As the adprep is already done on the primary DC (win2k3) it doesnt allow to redo it.

Anyone have any clues where I have been going wrong ?

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Sounds like the new server is Server 2003 R2

by Churdoo In reply to Windows 2003 DC on AD 200 ...

So DCPROMO tells you to run ADPREP, which you've done, and DCPROMO still tells you to run ADPREP?

Sounds like the newer server is Server 2003 R2 and the original is pre R2, and you're running the ADPREP that's on CD #1.

If I am correct, you have to find the ADPREP that's on the CD #2 (search for it as I don't recall the specific path) and run that on your FSMO role-holder. There is an ADPREP on CD #1, but you have to run the ADPREP from your R2 CD. You should be fine after that.

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humm rusty but is schema update required

by CG IT In reply to Sounds like the new serve ...

on a W2003 server vs w2003 RC ?

unless he gets the schema update required during the dcpromo promote the add/prep forest/domain isn't necessary....and he runs that on the w2003 server that's not the RC version. Seen people make that mistake.

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Yes schema update to Server 2003 R2

by Churdoo In reply to humm rusty but is schema ...

There was/is a schema update going from 2003 vanilla to 2003 R2. However when they packaged the CD's, they left the original 2003 vanilla ADPREP on CD #1, but put the applicable R2 ADPREP on CD #2, and didn't really spell this out too clearly in any docs.

So if you pop CD #1 into your existing 2003 vanilla schema master and run ADPREP /forestprep and /domainprep, you think you're all set until you go to run your DCPROMO on your new R2 server, and then of course you start floundering, and again the documentation wasn't really clear and you think that you found ADPREP so you didn't keep looking for it once you found it, but then something finally tells you to look on the R2 CD and you find another ADPREP on the R2 CD ...
Yes been there done that ...

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Ah! well it's been a while

by CG IT In reply to Yes schema update to Serv ...

sounds like this guy was running the addprep on the W2003 RC rather than the W2003 "vanilla" ...

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