windows 2003 DC restore

By chrys vat ·

After a 2003 server crash (secondary DC) we restored it from a 2 weeks old system disk image backup. The first DC sees it as duplicate and all the authentication regarding this server fails. Also fails the DC replication. There are a lot of shares and printers on it, how can we resolve the Kerberos authentication problem and save the DC information in order not to reinstall it (or demote/remove/insert/promote)?
What is the right system backup solution for a DC?

Any suggestion is welcome, thanks in advance.

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Restore a DC

by p.j.hutchison In reply to windows 2003 DC restore

If you have more than 1 DC, the correct way is to install Windows 2003, optionally DNS, attach it to the domain, then run DCPROMO
to make it a DC.

If using images, make sure its NOT already setup as a DC as that will confuse matters, as you have found out.

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Shared experience

by chrys vat In reply to Restore a DC

Here is a way to backup and restore windows 2003 DC. Anyone should take it as my sysadmin experience and nothing more.
1. Back up the system disk using a disk image tool. On my system(s) it takes about 10 minutes.
2. After a system crash, restore the system disk from the image (if you have soft RAID mirroring there are disk image tools witch restore multiple disks). The restored server has the AD service damaged. Remove AD from the DC according to
If the crashed server was the primary DC, transform the secondary one to primary.
Now you have a stand alone server.
Then clean the primary DC according to
Join the restored server to the domain, and make a 'promote' according to the windows help.
For someone who knows exactly what to do it takes about 30 minutes to restore a damaged DC. All the applications, shares, rights, etc. are back!

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