Windows 2003 DC

By ggourley ·
My Windows 2003 servers crash when I promote them to a DC. I have had 2003 servers as my DCs for quite a while and now all of a sudden they can't do this. My 2000 servers are working fine as DCs but I want to put my 2003 servers back in as DCs. I have a feeling there may be something wrong in my active directory that may be causing it but don't have any idea where to start looking. We have not done anything lately in AD that would have caused this.

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Check the other DCs' holding FSMO roles, specifically RID Master

by ManiacMan In reply to Windows 2003 DC

If there is a problem with the RID master, your promotion of member servers to domain controllers won't work because they need to talk to the RID master to get a new SID upon promotion. Also, is your DNS in order and are the SRV records existent? Your problem can be due to a whole host of things, so check every component, especially DNS.

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Windows 2003 DC

by Nimmo In reply to Windows 2003 DC

What do your logs say

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Server Logs

by ggourley In reply to Windows 2003 DC

The logs on the servers that fail show a whole slew or errors and services that are not starting. When I look at my Network Properties there are no network connections. Without network connections there is no network access. I have been in this dept. since 97 and have never seen anything like this, very odd.
Right now I am strictly running 2000 DCs and my Schema Master and RID Master are both on a server I setup specifically for this. I am hoping by waiting a couple of weeks with only the 2000 servers, things will settle down some. I am going to try adding a 2003 server as a DC either today or tomorrow.

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Adding 2003 Server to 2000 domain

by Nimmo In reply to Server Logs

What service pack level do you have on your 2000 DC's.

Take a look at this:

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