Windows 2003/DNS problem

By jvonstein ·
I have a Windows2003SP2 server running as DC and DNS server (AD integrated). I'm getting daily error messages from the Netlogon service that various DNS entries can't be dynamically updated. I've searched Technet and run all the tests that I can find. dcdiag tests fine except for the error messages. The recommendations in the error message don't seem to change anything. The clients aren't seeing this as a problem (yet), with the possible exception of some slow browse times (seconds, not minutes). If I run nslookup on the server, I get a "can't find server name" error. The server is static IP with its own address and that of the other DC in the DNS property (the other DC, which is set up identically, as far as I can tell, is not experiencing any of these problems). nslookup works fine from the clients. The only thing I can see wrong with my DNS zone is that the gc entries for the problem server are missing, although when I look in AD Sites & Services, the server is designated as a gc server.

Any ideas?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows 2003/DNS problem

1. Is DNS configured for Dynamic updates?
2. On the DC, in TCPIP properties, Advnanced, is the following entry ticked:
'Register this connection's addresses in DNS'?
3. In the System properties, computer name, is the DNS
Try running IPCONFIG /RegisterDNS on server to update entries

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DNS Config

by jvonstein In reply to DNS

1. DNS is configured for dynamic updates.
2. The server NIC is configured to register its address in DNS
3. The full DNS name is shown in the system properties on the computer name page.
4. I have run IPCONFIG /RegisterDNS several times in the course of troubleshooting, and it always reports that it succeeded, but the syslog error message still appears about once a day and the gc listing in DNS is still missing.


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