Windows 2003 domain and wireless network?

By benjmainiej50 ·

I want to setup a Windows 2003 domain on my wireless network at home. A have at Windows 2003 (R 2) server that I promoted at the Domain controller and I've also installed DNS on it. I have 2 wireless laptop and one computer that will also connect. I also have a Netgear wireless gateway CG814WG v2 that was provided by comcast with a WEP 128 bit.

When I try to join the domain with my wireless laptop it get the message that the domain controller could not be contacted. What am I missing? My domain controller can get out to internet, I can ping it, but can't join the domain.

Please help


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Did you get an IP

by LarryD4 In reply to Windows 2003 domain and ...

You said "I can ping it", ping what?
The server to the laptop?
The laptop to the server?

Can the laptop get to the internet?

Whos handling DHCP Router or Server?
If its server DHCP you may have to add your gateway to the Address Pool.

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Setting up a win 2k3 domain over wireless

by benjmainiej50 In reply to Did you get an IP

I can ping laptop to server, also yes my Laptop can reach the internet. The router right now is handling DHCP. But I'd like for the server to handle it eventually, if possible.

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Get off the router

by LarryD4 In reply to Setting up a win 2k3 doma ...

The only way to solve this is to get off of the "router". The router will become only one thing, your gateway.
To successfully setup an AD Domain you must have the PDC do the work of DNS for the network. You will have to add a foward record in the DNS server on the PDC so that when a site is not found it fowards the request to the DNS server for your ISP.

The AD schema relies heavily on the DNS server to let it know where all its domain PCs are. If your PC's don't have a DNS entry for your PDC, the server and the clients will never find the services they need to be a functioning AD network.

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Thanks for your help

by benjmainiej50 In reply to Get off the router

Thanks for your help, I was able to get DNS working on my domain controller, as soon as I did that, I was able to join the domain.

Thanks again

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