Windows 2003 Domain Permissions Not working

By dnwilkinson ·
Ok I have setup a domain call test. With in the domain I have setup basic users and also specific groups that I add users to for example accounting group. I have folders of excel files with accounting info so I setup permissions to each folder adding only the accounting group to it. I gave them full control and went to advance for inherent for child directory's and files. However when a user opens a file and attempts to change it and save it the error says its read only and they don't have permission to save. however the file isn't a read only attribute and neither is the directory. So just to figure this stupid thing out I gave the users admin rights to the whole domain and still they cant save a stupid excel file. Am I crazy? I have done this more than once and I feel like a noob. Any help would be great thanks.

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Set share permissions to Full and use NTFS to control access

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Permi ...

Windows 2003 defaults share permissions to Read, and although your NTFS permissions may grant full access, the most restrictive permission will take precedence when connecting remotely over the network. Look at the share permissions of the folder and set them to Full Control and use NTFS permissions to assign appropriate ACL rights to users/groups.

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Fixed :}

by dnwilkinson In reply to Set share permissions to ...

After looking at the sharing tab and the security tab I noticed that the sharing was in read only but security was all set correcting thanks for you help I was able to learn more about ntfs permissions as well as other permissions.

I have had these guys share files in a shared network folder for some time since they all need access to the files and they are like three feet away. Is there a better way to share these files between them? They all need to edit them at different times. Small biz with little money. But am open to ideas.

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Depends on if you are in AD or Workgroup environment

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Fixed :}

local users can share their own local files from their PCs', but every PC's local SAM will need to have a user account for every other user that will need access to that share and file(s)

it's much easier to setup AD, even in a small environment, due to the centralized nature of managing users and file system rights, but if users will be sharing files on their XP machines, then local user accounts need to be created, or domain user accounts need to be made members of the local machine.

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better way to share files

by dnwilkinson In reply to Depends on if you are in ...

Ok sorry I figure you would get info from above. We are currently running windows 2003 sbs with Domain and AD. We have a data drive in the server with shared folders with AD rights set for each directory for each users that needs whatever ect... However if my users need to modify the same excel and word documents over and over is there a better way to share them from the server? I saw an advertisement about share point server which i know nothing about but i thought it might be a better thing to do or something else.

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did you try this

by sudhanshukabra In reply to better way to share files

Did you check hte share permissions on the shared folder..

You need to add the group of users in shared permissions & also in Security permissions & then force this...

that should work.. :)

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Try Microsoft Office 2007 it has GROOVE..

by sudhanshukabra In reply to Fixed :}

Microsoft Office 2007 is the answer..

We have Microsoft Office Groove.. Which gives the functionality which you are expecting for..

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You will also get this if there is more than one

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Permi ...

Workstation working with an individual file. As Excel is a Desktop program it really isn't suited to having it's data situated on a File Server where several different people need to access and alter it. Once one user has the file open it will be prevented from being changed by another user or even worse still the changes that one person makes will just disappear when someone else performs a Save Operation from a different workstation.

If you are just testing to see how to use a Windows Server App no problem but if this is a precursor to a production environment you need to understand this and have the proper software that is usable on different desktops simultaneously.


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