Windows 2003 Domain Redundancy

By glen ·
I have a Windows 2003 Domain with a single Domain Controller. It is the DNS & DHCP Server also.
I just recently added a 2nd Domain Controller just by running dcpromo.
I also made it the secondary DNS Server which seemed to work fine.
But if I disconnect the first DC then we cannot logon to the domain. There is no real redundancy in this case.
I have 2 questions here I hope someone can answer.

1. Is there an artical somewhere on how to setup another DC so that if the fist DC fails the second will continue as if nothing has happened?

2. What can be done regarding DHCP redundancy, as there can only be one active DHCP server on a network.

Thanks Glen

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Redun ...

A Windows 2003 domain has some redundancy: You can have multiple r/w domain directories, you can have multiple Global Catalog servers (did you enable this on 2nd server), and the FSMO roles can be moved to other servers (have you done this?).

We have set up a backup DHCP server which keeps a copy of the DHCP database from the main server. If the main DHCP server goes down we can enable the DHCP service on the backup server to take over!

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DHCP Redundancy

by sthe In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Redun ...
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What about SBS 2003 Servers ??

by rgrover72 In reply to DHCP Redundancy

Is the same installations instructions will work on sbs2003 server as well.

Actually I do have one Domain Sbs2003, and would like to install second DC Windows 2003 standard for DHCP redundancy. I know, on standard 2003, some part of the instructions will work but will it be work on sbs2003?, Kindly guide me please...

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The same

by p.j.hutchison In reply to What about SBS 2003 Serve ...

It should be the same instructions as SBS.
DHCP can be installed via:
a) Add/Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components, Network Services
b) Programs, Admin Tools, Manage your Server
tool and add the DHCP role.

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Global Catalog role

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Redun ...

the second DC must have the global catalog role AND the sysvol and netlogin share must also be available [accessible].

As far as DHCP redundancy, the lease time for addresses typically is 7 days with a DHCP renew packet going out at 50% of lease time. You can increase the lease time for DHCP addressing to cover any downtime for DHCP servers. Clients won't need to renew their addresses before you get the DHCP server backup and running.

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you will need dhcp

by Dumphrey In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Redun ...

and dns for the second server to work. Did you add the second servers dns info to the DHCP release so clients will know where to go for DNS when the primary station fails? DNS also contains the service records listing domain controllers. Is the new server listed there?

Check here for dns set up to be redundant

May also help with DC redundancy

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