Windows 2003 domain Setup

By umesh ·

We have office in 2 different location, I would like to setup windows 2003 Domain controller.

We totally have 4 server, 2 servers in each location. Can anyone please suggest me the tree structure and setup procedure in detail please.


Webserver and Active directory

[Webserver - Apache, PHP and Mysql]

I would like to have redundacy for both the server

We have a VPN connection between the locations.

Thank you very much in advance


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My suggestion

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Windows 2003 domain Setup

Set up one server at each location as a Domain Controller, also make these Dommain controllers DHCP and DNS servers as well.

If you're not hosting exchange you don't really need to make them both Global Catalog servers, but if you have any other apps that query AD alot you might want to consider it. Make sure your DNS Zones are active directory integrated and that you assign different DHCP scopes that do not overlap and you should be good.

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Broad stroke

by jpenrose In reply to Windows 2003 domain Setup

Please don't take offense but forum questions that include a statement to describe a particular design goal in detail fall under the 'please do my job for me' category.

What you're asking in a Q&A forum is what I charge $150 bucks an hr to design and deploy.

Please don't misconstrue this as a slight against you or your question but what you desire goes beyond what is normally answered at a question and answer joint.

You need a design consultant to help with a project like this.


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I agree

by CG IT In reply to Broad stroke

I agree with jpenrose.

My suggestion would be visit Microsoft Technet for their how to articles and white papers on designing an Active Directory network. there's plenty of advise and how to articles that will get you where you want to do. Just takes a little reading time.

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Better late than never

by modell In reply to Broad stroke

I know it has been a good year since this post was active but I just came across it and felt that I needed to comment for any other people that might feel the same as jpenrose. First off I want to state that I am a strong Microsoft advocate and use their software as much as I can. I have been in the industry for over twelve years and have found that you get what you pay for.

With that said, comments like this is what justifies people going to open source products. At least the open source advocates and communities are somewhat helpful in their posts. They understand that for their products to grow they have to share their knowledge and not say "I get paid blah blah blah for doing this type of work so why should I give you the answer". If you don't want to answer the guy's question then don't but the least you could do is point him in the right direction to get the answers he is looking for. Refer the poster to a good System Admin Book so he can read and get the knowledge you hold so dear. People like this is what runs new rookie system administrators right into the arms of the open source communities.

Nothing can be gained by Empire Building, share the knowledge and grow the product.

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