Windows 2003 Domain Switch

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Hi! All,

We have a DC (Win 2003, Dell) that I had setup in 2008. The name I initially chose for the domain was "", but our plant manager got stressed about it, as it was the same as our web domain name. Even after convincing him that those two names weren't directly related, I had to rename it to "MYDOM".
Now, this server seems to be showing signs of dying, so I got a new Lenovo server and set it up as a DC, and transferred (or in some cases seized) FSMO rules. After doing that however the machines on the domain stopped communicating. Since I was short on time, I unplugged the new domain server (Lenovo) and restored back the image I had taken of the Dell Server before making the changes.
Now, everything seems to be working fine, but I have not been able to figure out if the problem was with the fact that the domain was renamed. Let me know what information you need to help me.

OS (both):Win Serv 2003 Std. R2 SP2
Hardware (smiliar): Intel Xeon 3Ghz , 4GB
Functions: DC, DHCP, DNS

Thank You,

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Domain Name

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Windows 2003 Domain Switc ...

About the new name, i did not saw any top level domain like .com, .net, .local, .org,...etc

If you did not include any, you will have a lot of trouble in the DNS, and thus in the AD then BOOM, domain not working.

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