Windows 2003 Installation Cd Unique?

By khanhbui ·

Just having a debate with a colleague over the uniqueness of the Windows 2003 Installation CD. He believes that all installation CD's are unique and are linked to the serial keys which are provided on the stickers. He insists on packing the CD's with the computers that they were installed on, for delivery to the customer.

Is he correct?


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by w2ktechman In reply to Windows 2003 Installation ...

it works off of a very complex mathematical algorithm. The cd's are not in sync with the code on the sticker

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ONe thing to note though

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to No

You're absolutly correct when you say the Lisence keys are not tied to individual CDs, but if you're installing any MS Operating system you have to make sure the CD key matches the version of the software on the CD you use. For instance if you have an OEM CD with Win XP pro on it, you will usually not be able to use a retail version CD key. However you can use the OEM CD to install the OS on any Computer made by the same OEM that have individual lisences

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