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Windows 2003 Installation

By naimish_randeri ·
Hello, GURUS

I have 2 HD, in my pc, 1 HD is 40GB and 2nd one has 250 GB capacity. I have Windows XP on HD 1. And now I want to Install Windows 2003 on HD 2. But I cannot boot up from Windows 2003 CD,
Can I upgrade Windows 2003 inplace of Windows XP?
When I am runing Windows 2003 OS cd in XP it notice me to Reinstall whole operation system rather than Upgrade, Is there any way to keep both OS on different HD?
Please reply me.
Thank you

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by Balbir In reply to Windows 2003 Installation

Start your computer from win 2003 server CD. If it does not start from CD, go into the BIOS setup and make sure the first boot device is CD ROM, save your settings and reboot PC.
Once PC reboots it should display a message "Press any key to start PC from CD ROM". When this happens Press the Space bar key. Once the PC boots from CD, It will go checkup and at the end it will say on screen" To set up windows press ENTER" Do this.
Then it will search for previous versions of Windows. Once it has done this, it will display the partitions. Select the second HDD partition with Arrow keys and press enter.
This should install windows 2003 on the selected drive. Once installed and you reboot your PC it should give you a choice of operating system to start (Dual Boot)
I Hope this helps.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows 2003 Installation

nope, you can't upgrade to the server product (Windows 2003) from XP.
installing 2003 will modify the mbr of hard drive and the boot.ini file.
if you go ahead and install 2003 on your second hard drive, you might be able to dual boot. i do not know if 2003 uses the same ntldr and ntdetect as xp. i would shoot ms an email asking them maybe. what i think i would do to test this is disconnect my xp boot drive (to give me courage and force the mbr to be modified only on the second hd) then install 2003 then attempt to modify the boot.ini file so it will give you a choice of os's at boot time.
i have never tried this so i don't know if it will, the ntdetect and ntldr files need to be the same i think...and i'd backup my boot.ini (on a cd or floppy) file first and make sure i had my xp install disk on hand in case you need the recovery console to fix things back up...
the boot.ini file, as you probably know, is a hiddenm system, read-only file that lives at the root level of your xp os partition (ie: c:\boot.ini)
so you'll need to use the attrib command to remove those attributes so you can edit it.
i think the worst that can happen is the you won't be able to boot both drives without a third party boot manager. you may have to repair the xp install with recovery console tools like fixboot or fixmbr. they work and are good for you to know about. so i would play with those before i started...

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 Installation

You can install to the secoond HDD and Dual Boot from the start screen while I haven't done this personally the girl who comes here to do work experience has done this with the 64 Bit version of 2003 and the 32 Bit Version of XP as the original install so just follow the directions in the first answer and it should work though I very much doubt that you'll want to waste 250 GIG on 2003 as it will only be a work copy for you to expermint with as you go along and not constantly running.


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