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Windows 2003 Logon Script

By edward.mallia ·
Hi All,

I'm running an server network on Windows 2003 Standard and would like to know if it is possible to create a logon script that maps users to network drives depending on which OU they are assigned to.

Ex: OU - Sales Dept | Drive: F:\Sales Dept
OU - Production Dept | Drive: F:\Prod Dept


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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

Wouldn't it be easier to sort via security group membership?

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by edward.mallia In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

What do you mean? Kind of new to GPO so still a bit green!

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by BlindFish In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

Open "Active Directory User and Computers" and right-click the OU in question. Go to "Properties", then select the "Group Policy" tab. Put your script there.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

Normally you would create a login script for each OU and create a GPO for each OU and specify the login script to use for each GPO.

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by edward.mallia In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

Hi All,

Thanks for all your help, managed to do it via GPO... brilliant.



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Use Security Groups instead of OU

by cody In reply to Windows 2003 Logon Script

Hi there,

I know you've already done it, but would like to just add my two cents into this.

I would recommend you use SECURITY GROUPS to map network drives instead of doing it on OU's. What I can see the issue can is is:

1. You'll have a lot of different OU's to manage.

2. Keeping track of and managing all your different logon scripts through GPO's and OU's just take more time

What I normally is just use ONE OU to put all my users in. Then put users in their respective SECURITY GROUP memberships. Then I do the logon script through the NETLOGON share on the DC and use that to map drives based on what groups they are part of.

Also, the other added advantage with using SECURITY GROUPS instead is that you can then use that security group to put SECURITY and PERMISSIONS on files and folders. That way, if they are in a group caled "HR" then they get the HR drive (example the H:\drive) also also they will have the permissions to access it too. This then stops users from manually mapping the shares themselves and if they did, then they can't get to it anyway because they don't have security permissions to do so.

Have a look at this example here:

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by lsp In reply to Use Security Groups inste ...

...if you like KIX then you will LOVE this:

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