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Windows 2003 print queue

By manycaps ·
I am having to restart my print spooler in windows 2003 server quite a few times throughtout the day in order for a couple of printers to continue spooling jobs and finally print them. The error i'm getting at the server console is:
"The print spooler was unable to connect to your printer...."

From the actual printer spooler I get:
"Spooling - Unable To Connect"

Any clues or fixit's will be greatly appreciated.
I've check Ms Website, google..etc to no avail.

Thanks in advance

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by ZRow1 In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

I feel your pain. I have the same problem.

?The print spooler was unable to connect to your printer. This can be caused by your printer being turned off, the cable being unplugged, or being connected to a VPN, which will block your access to your local network.? . . . Followed by ?Your document will print when to printer becomes available.?

This message pops up in a seemingly ?random? fashion on our ?new? Windows 2000 based print server. Sometimes several times per day but other times we will go several days without seeing it. When it does happen, it brings printing from that server to a halt until we click ?OK? and many times we need to also perform a ?restart? on the spooler services even though it shows as already running. I suspect it is a ?bad driver? but have been unable to isolate the offending printer/driver or possibly a bad Jet Direct card. The message doesn?t seem to leave any helpful evidence in the server Event logs either. Any ideas or suggestions?

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by manycaps In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

I've installed the latest drivers. I'm going to try and remove the onboard jetdirect and install an external..we'll see what happens. This is very
annoying intermitten problem


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by fred In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

Hello. I 've get the same symptom.
What is the answers to that issue ?

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by ZRow1 In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

I did find Microsoft KB Article I 255213,Print Queue Periodically Stops Responding with Hewlett-Packard HP4000 Print Drivers. Since, I do have one HP4000 in the server queue, I did what it said. Only time will tell.;en-us;255213

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by manycaps In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

I upgraded the firmware on all 14 on my hp laserjets using a tool from hp's website. This tool will access your version and informs you if you need your firmware upgraded. It will upgrade your firmware online...a great tool but is it going to fix my problems with the few printers?? We'll soon find out... Thanks for responses, I'll let everyone know in the next few days if my problems are resolved.

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by manycaps In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

Well, Anybody here, Firmware upgrade fixed my
print spooler connectivity problems. Hope this helps.

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by beachy In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

We have this problem on a Windows 2000 server. It happens intermittently on different printers. 5si, 4000, 4600. Updating firmware did not fix the problem. Anyone find a solution?

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by KrYpT In reply to Windows 2003 print queue

I have this problem too, but on a small NT4 network. I have several HP printers (two 5n, one 2100) and 3 Lexmark form printers on a JetDirect print server. They all use TCP/IP ports on the NT4 server, wich is the print server.

Most of the stations are NT and some XP.

Since I've seen this problem happenning on all kinds of Windows servers, the only thing that strikes me is that in every situation, there are HP printers using TCP/IP ports. (Check out

If somebody knows what to do with that info, or finds the answer before I do, don't forget to come back here to post the solution.


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by KrYpT In reply to

Updating the JetDirect firmware for all the devices works.

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