Windows 2003 Raid 5 Replace

By dsessions ·
I need some help. I have a Dell Poweredge 2600 with Perc 4/di controller and 3 36gb HD in Raid 5 array. Running W2K3 OS. It's set up as a PDC, Wins, Dhcp, File, Print and VPN Server. There are 25 workstations. Tape , Hard Drive and DVD backup capable and Novanet Backup software.. I installed this system for their new software. Learned as I went. I followed the software companies recomendations. Raid 5 partioned as C: 5gb for OS, 2gb Swapp file and E: 60gb for Data. It's out of space, only 500mb on C and 16% on E. I purchased 3 146gb HD. I want to swap out the 3 drives for the new ones. I do have a spare server I use for testing. What would be the best and easiest way to do this. I know to make a complete backup. Do I then swapp out the drives, setup a raid 5 array. Then do a clean install of OS and then a restore? Novanet says if the HD are different, I can't use the Disaster recovery CD. I can't think straight, there are too many possiblities. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Is this problem still open?

by Churdoo In reply to Windows 2003 Raid 5 Repla ...

If so ...

First thing to do is to call the vendor that wrote those specs and give them **** for suggesting a 5GB system vol for W2K3. I mean, puh-LEASE!

Next, (assuming full backup is in place) take your 3 146-giggers, and ONE at a time, replace the 36-giggers with the 146GB drives, leaving time, and verifying that the array is completely rebuilt and optimal before each swap.

Once the last drive is swapped in and array rebuilt, you should be able to EXTEND the array to take up the now total disk space.

Finally, purchase Acronis Disk Director and re-partition the volumes and re-create the DR baseline.

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by dsessions In reply to Is this problem still ope ...

I couldn't wait any longer. From searching, I ended up installing the new drives as a second raid 5 array. I was going to partition the new array as one large partition for the data, and use the original array for OS and swapp file C; and . Not having done this before I must have messed up, cause the system couldn't find a boot drive. I ended up reinstalling from disk the operating system and repartitoning during the process.Then used the backup ( made full backup just before starting )to restore to my original state. I will get in contact with the software people and have them re-evaluate there min. system requirements. I think your recommendations are a good idea. I will save this for the next time. The only thing would be how long would this proceedure have had the server off-line? This equipment serves a Golf Course/ Restaurant. I did it on Monday, Restaurant closed, but Golf Shop retail and Tee Times full operation. They hate when the server has to be rebooted.

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Ahhh. Sorry I didn't see the original post when it was fresh

by Churdoo In reply to Thanks

First, to "Not having done this before I must have messed up, cause the system couldn't find a boot drive",

this probably had to do with array ordering or the selection of boot array; a phone call to Dell support probably could have resolved that without having to resort to backups.

As for the downtime of the method that I've suggested, if your server has hot-swap drives, the only down time would be to run the Acronis re-partitioning, which would only be a matter of minutes to hours.

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Didn't think about Dell

by dsessions In reply to Ahhh. Sorry I didn't see ...

When you have the General Manager standing over you asking how it's going, I tend to not think of simple solutions. But it's done now. I found out about Performance Monitor from Microsoft on this site after the hard drive upgrade. After running several tests I upgrade to 3gb of ram from 1gb. Definitely improved performance. Haven't had a single complaint about system being slow. Thanks again for the information. I guess I can close this question now.

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