Windows 2003 read-only permissions

By amauriel ·
Hi all, I am about to pull my hair out on this one...

I transferred all of my students and teachers files from a Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 (R2). As many others have found, it defaults to read-only, with a grey check box, and unchecking that box acts like it will work, but will not.

I have gone into the NTFS permissions on the folder (and have done this on both the main folder and subfolders) and have removed all but the administrator from using the folder...the file is set to not be shared (for the time being, easier that way) and I cannot remove the read-only permissions.

I have tried using the attrib command and was sucessful in showing all hidden files in the folder, but am still unable to remove the read-only.

Those who say that it's not really read-only, I cannot copy any folders to it or edit any files within the folder, and that's pretty read-only to me.

Anybody come up with an answer besides Windows Explorer, just Right-Clicking, or the Attrib command? Thanks in advance!

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by Alfa11 In reply to Windows 2003 read-only pe ...

If the check boxes are gray it can be due to 2 possibilities:
1) The inheritance option is enabled
2) Have you made yourself the owner of the files?

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I've tried that...

by amauriel In reply to Suggestion

The inheritance option is not enabled, I've disabled it from every file up to the top just to be sure....

I have listed the Administrator as the owner of the files and am logged in under that account.

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Same Issue

by robert.anderson In reply to I've tried that...

I'm having the same exact issue. Any solutions?

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Same Problem

by bturner In reply to Windows 2003 read-only pe ...

I am having the same issue and am unable to fix it. Anyone have a solution for this?

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More info please

by Kenone In reply to Windows 2003 read-only pe ...

There are two tabs to be concerned with here "Sharing" and "Security". First what are the settings on your "Sharing" tab set to?

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