Windows 2003 SBS and Exchange

By pthompson ·
Hello, I recently came across a client who has 10 users connected to a WIndows 2003 Small Business Server with a domain. The server is the dhcp and dc for the network. The funny thing is that this system was setup without exchange being installed. The client wants to put exchange on the server. I'm concerned since the system was in initially setup with exchange, I'm worried about the active directory becomming corrumpted or something worse. Has anyone installed the Exchange option on a SBS server after primary installation of the O/S?


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I have done it in the past , few things we take care of other than that I think you should not have any issue in installing Exchange on the same org .

Ensure to take system state backup / DHCP / DNS refrences before you proceed with.

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by pthompson In reply to Possible

Thanks, I plan on making the attempt this weekend. I made a little typo when i said, "I'm concerned since the system was in initially setup with exchange",... I ment to say since the system was not initically setup with exchange. So this installation of SBS without exchange. Does this change anything ? In any case, thanks. I'll be installing it from the orginal system cd, it's a dell poweredge 800. system.


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Extends your AD Schema !

by rajagopalan.durairajan In reply to THanks

Ensure to take the backup and required stuffs suggested before proceeding with the install , technically that should not cause and break downs - but to be on the safer side its recommended .

In the past I have used this link to install exchange on a SBS server , hope this would be useful for you!

You might face few challenge if ISA is already been installed on that server , but i don't want to complicate right now

Hope you know that its not good to expose the server directly over the internet after install.

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