windows 2003 SBS server licensing with vpn

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My company has 9 workstations and would like to setup a domain controller running windows 2003 SBS server. The 9 workstations would connect to the domain controller and we would also have two computers connect through VPN access. My question is does Windows 2003 SBS server allow VPN connections and would I have to purchase additional CALs to connect all the workstations? If I do have to purchase additional CALs would I have to purchase CALs for the two computers that connect via VPN? Thanks in advance for any help

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windows 2003 SBS server licensing with vpn

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Windows 2003 SBS typically comes with 5 CALs only. You choose whether these are 'device' or 'user' CALs.

If I have understood correctly you will have x9 workstations + x2 PC's connecting via VPN, giving a total of 11 PC's.

If you go for 'user' CAL's then you need to purchase enough CAL's to cover *all* your users irrespective of the number of PC's you have. The important thing in this case is to have enough CAL's for your users.

If you go for 'device' CAL's then you need enough CAL's to cover the total number of PC's (in your case 11) irrespective of the number of users you may have.

You need to decide in advance whether to go down the 'user' or 'device' CAL route. Your decision will be based on your type of business and work method (e.g. a company that has teams working in shifts so that maybe it had x30 employees but only x10 are working at any one moment, will likely be better of going down the 'device' CAL route as only x10 devices or PC's will be used at anyone time and who uses those same x10 PC's is irrelevant).

Any 'device' or 'user' that authenticates to the server needs a CAL of some description (so a guest that comes to your office and uses his/her laptop to access the Internet without having to log on is, I believe not counted and does not require a CAL. If that same user has to authenticate for any reason then they *will* require a CAL). Because VPN connections require authentication then a CAL will be necessary.

HTH a little and hasn't confused you too much. Apologies for the (very) late post.

PS: For your info, I believe that CAL's come in packs of 5 or 20 only. I don't believe you can buy them individually.

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