Windows 2003 SBS server

By hdave90 ·
We currently have 2 Servers with WIndows 2003 SBS running on them and both phisicaly saperate in diffrent locations and running active directory, exchange server, dns, dhcp. Both of the servers have their own CAL licences. I would like to have them connected together and have both the active directory users to share the recourses of eachother users and also be able to send emails to the each other users using the ourlook client. Is this possible and if so how is it possible. Is there any additional license required to buy from the Microsoft?

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It's possible.......

by bart777 In reply to Windows 2003 SBS server

You would need to put in place some sort of direct connection between the sites, like a VPN. Then you could configure a trust between the 2 domains. At that point you would be able to configure the security so that each domain can get to the files on the other that you want to share.

As for the mail you should have that already. Each site is still a seperate domain.

Each site is still responsible for it's own licenses.

Best of luck.

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Bart this is SBS

by CG IT In reply to It's possible.......

no trusts can be established between them which means no AD replication. Can't even create child domains because that requires trusts.

the only way you can accomplish this is by creating accounts for each user on each SBS domain. Users would then log on to the other SBS domain using their account on that other SBS domain.

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by hdave90 In reply to Bart this is SBS

Well all this i have though about but practicaly i cannot implement as they are both live sites and also having dhcp services running on both the servers. I am shure there must be a way microsoft must have though about this situation.

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Thanks CG

by bart777 In reply to Bart this is SBS

My bad. Guess I should answer these questions when awake. :)

Sorry for that bad info. I stand corrected. SBS cannot do trusts.

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by hdave90 In reply to Thanks CG

that is okay. if SBS cannot have trust relationship than how woould i bee able to achive what i want is there any way to go about this situation.

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