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Windows 2003 Server

By jryan ·
Does any one out there know when Windows 2003 Server is going to have its first service pack? We are still on NT4 and wondering if we should move to 2000 or 2003.

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by mtaylor In reply to Windows 2003 Server

Not sure when the first SP is coming but my company is also NT and we are going straight to 2003. while there are some great enhancements from 2000 the AD is still pretty much the big challenge so why go through all of the pain to be behind in OS still.
The problem I am having right now is getting Win98 machines to see the AD and login to the 2003 test server. 2K Pro and XP are having no problems. This is our biggest challenge at the moment. Good luck. Mark

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At present there are no plans

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 Server

From Microsoft about introducing any Sevrice Packs as so far they have only found 1 flaw in 2003 and that is in IE6 which they knew about before the release of 2003 and have just recently introduced a Hot Fix for.

Personally I think that if I waschanging from NT4 I'd go with 2003 just because it will have a longer life cycle than W2K. But there are some improved features in it like the ability to control what happens to E-Mails as you can set what can be done with these like not being able to print them or forward them on it is something thats been needed for a very long time if you deal with anything that requires any form of security.

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Thanks for the Reply

by jryan In reply to Windows 2003 Server

I think I should begin looking at Server 2003. All of our PCs are running W2k Pro so I don't have to worry about W98. Knowing Microsoft I just don't want to put in new software with some flaws.

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