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Windows 2003 server and VPN via RAS

By mgriss ·
Why am I unable to connect to my VPN server? Stops at "Verifying username and password".


Windows 2003 server SP1
Domain controller, DNS, RAS
Two XP Pro SP2 laptop clients

SBC DSL five "sticky" IPs
D-Link 604 router. Has the modem wan static ip. VPN Passthrough enabled and PPTP port forwarded to internal IP of server on port 1723.

VPN setup:
two nics, one WAN/internet the other internal network for VPN client access.
range of IP addresses available for VPN clients.

I have successfully connected via VPN a couple of times but then, for apparently no reason, I am unable to connect.. stops on "Verifying username and password". I have a test environment that has functioned flawlessly and have compared the two. The only difference I have noticed is the DHCP relay agent. The environment that fails, the internal interface shows relay mode as unknown and when looing under IP Routing->General, IP Address:Not available, Administrative Status:Unknown, Operational status:Non-operational. Just the oppisite on the working test environment where IP Address:shows range of IPs I assigned, Administrative Status:enbabled, Operational status:operational.

I have removed the internal interface and re-added it to no avail. I have also removed and re-insatlled RAS a couple of times.

Please let me know if this is the problem and how to fix it.


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by mgriss In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

Also, PPTP port 1723 and PPTP,GRE protocol 47 are cleared through firewall of router.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

What authentication protocol are you using?

Is IPSEC on?

And I am sure you've read through it, but for the issue browsers:

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by mgriss In reply to

Authentication is MS-CHAP and MS-CHAP v2

I haven't concerned myself with IPsec since I'm using the windows network connection as client and choosing PPTP as protocol.

Yes, I have reviewed the Virtual Private Networking with Windows Server 2003: Deploying Remote Access VPNs. It has helped a great deal but not much with this particular problem.

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by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

well create a pool of address for the DHCP relay agent.

also as BFilmfan suggested check RRAS is properly configured. the default settings is to deny everything so you have to create access rules which will allow the user remote access.

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Was this ever resolved?

by staylor78 In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

Mgriss, Did you ever resolve the issue, and if so could you tell how?

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by blevy In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

$10 says it's your ISP.

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How did you resolve this?

by MidnightStorm In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

Hello I have a similar problem.

If anyone knows how this was resolved please help!


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by gdardick In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

Anybody ever figure this one out? I've got the same issue.

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My Solution

by reg In reply to Windows 2003 server and V ...

In Remote and Remote Access properties, go to the IP tab and check the 'Use the following adapter to obtain DHCP.........." mine was set to automatic, but as soon as I changed it to the main LAN connection of the server everything worked fine and the internal interface got and IP address.

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