Windows 2003 server cannot be ping or found on network

By furionz ·
Hi, I just install a w2003 server. This server have 2 network card i named "LAN" and "WAN". "LAN" is connected to a switch which also connected to a few computers. "WAN" is connected to a modem/router. This modem/router is used to connect to the internet and also have a wireless connectivity. Everything works as its suppose to be except when i use a pc or laptop to connect to the wireless modem/router, it cant find the server or even ping it. Both the server and the laptop have same ip subnet. The w2003 server i configured as "LAN" is a DHCP server, Remote access server and a file server. I have no prblm on VPN or the file server. Can you give me an advice.


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by sajidshaik In reply to Windows 2003 server canno ...

1)check your modem it self it's acting as DHCP server .. thats the reason it's having it's own rande not your servers range.... configure the range mach to the server range
2) check the firewall settings if any there on modem, if yes diable and check.
3) check the firewall settings on server if any.

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by furionz In reply to Hi

1) Yes modem also acting as DHCP server but only to wireless client and on thw WAN side of the server.
2)Check no firewall/ all firewall disable.
3) Even the server firewall been disable as i still trying out ways to ping the server from wireless client.Not only the wireless cilent cannot ping but also cannot find it on network places. But if check the modem configuration page, the server did get the ip from the modem and the modem is able to see the server.

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The WAN connection of the server has some security features enabled

by robo_dev In reply to Windows 2003 server canno ...

such as blocking ping requests.

Add a seperate wireless lan access point on the LAN network and use that for LAN connectivity to the server.

or else plug the lan port of the server into your wan router and disable dhcp in the router. This way the server would be the dhcp server for all clients.

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Security on WAN

by furionz In reply to The WAN connection of the ...

I've disable the firewall on the WAN side already. Not only the wireless client that connect to the modem can't ping the server but also cannot find it on network places. But if i go in the modem config page, i can see that the modem can see the server and assign it to an ip address. I'm doing this particular setup so that in future i want to install a network monitoring software or internet control software on the server, controlling all the clients from getting into the internet. So far the LAN side work flawlessly but its only the wireless client cant browse the network. FYI the ip segment for the WAN and LAN if different.

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Prblm solved

by furionz In reply to Security on WAN

Hi Thanks for all your advice and help.
I manage to solve the prblm by disabling the modem dhcp and give a static ip to my WAN coonnection. Also i enable dhcp on the WAN side too.

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