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    Windows 2003 server cannot boot


    by nimrod001 ·

    I have been experimenting with windows 2003 server.

    Its on a p4 desktop. I installed the evaluation 32 bit version.

    I have a power problem in my building. The machine lost power 3 times. After the 3rd time it stops booting.

    1. I connected another hard drive, WinXP does not boot. Reboots after logo comes on. Keeps rebooting.

    2. WinXP installation cd fails just as it is about to being installation. Keeps rebooting.

    3. WinXP boot disk fails. Keeps rebooting

    4. Server 2003 server fails just as logo comes on. Keeps rebooting.

    PC Linux, Knoppix live cds work, i can get the data off. I reformatted the hard drive and installed PC Linux. That OS Loads but the WinXP on the other hard drive still does not boot. It boots inanother machine.

    What Should I do

    1. remove the Bios Battery
    2. reinstall the bios

    Help me please

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