Windows 2003 Server does NOT see my WD 120GB usb drive

By gyuksel ·
Everything was working fine until last night. I have a Dell laptop running Vista. I plugged it in, and tansfered some files on to the WD 120GB hard drive. When I went over to my 2003 Server, it detected the HD in disk manager, but says there is 100% space available, which is not the case.

When I plug it back into my Vista laptop, it works fine.

Can it be as simple as a bad USB cable or did Vista do something to the drive?

** I don't have BitLocker or EFS active in my Vista install **

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Windows Vista NTFS file system version 3.1(with extensions)

by robo_dev In reply to Windows 2003 Server does ...

According to my friend Bill G, Vista uses standard NTFS version 3.1, with extensions (which means Vista is NOT using standard NTFS 3.1).

My guess is that somehow the Vista NTFS volume needs to see the FVE (full volume encryption) driver, whether it's on or not???

Again, this is a guess, but maybe you need to install FVE in 2003? Microsoft has a FVE add-on for XP called 'secure startup'

I would try re-partitioning/formatting the volume on Win2003, then try copying from Vista to 2K3. If all else fails, set the partition to FAT, that ought to work no matter what.

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It's working

by gyuksel In reply to Windows Vista NTFS file s ...

Hey Robo_Dev,

Thanks for the info. However, if was even simpler than that. The drive was already in FAT32 format, so it wasn't a case of NTFS drivers. It turned out that all I had to do was manually set a drive letter from Disk Manager and it was working perfectly.

Not sure why all of a sudden I had to do that, it was working fine previously. Perhaps it is a glitch in Server 2K3?

Thanks again for your post. I'll keep this info handy incase I have another issue.



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Kinda like when you do a complete engine rebuild

by robo_dev In reply to It's working

and the car was out of gas

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