Windows 2003 server doesnt see Seagate 250 gb sata hard disc

By araj_98 ·
I have Windows 2003 ent. server installed on Seagate Momentus 250 gig SATA internal hard disc (3 partitions). The OS was installed using a HP laptop.
I have a sony VGN nr160e laptop with windows vista premium on it.
My first guess was, I need to include intel chipset specific drivers on the boot cd. So got them from intel's website (*+2003&lang=eng&strOSs=84&submit=Go%21#DRV)
I can see the hard disc in the BIOS. Boot CD is working fine but I get "hard disc not found" message.
I can access the data on hard disc using usb, as an external drive. I tried to boot it using usb, it loads first screen "windows 2003", then blue screen and then it goes in loop.

Not sure what I need to do.

Your expert advice is greatly appreciated.

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by robo_dev In reply to Windows 2003 server doesn ...

So are you trying to boot 2003 off of a SATA drive in a USB case on your Sony VGN laptop? And the drive was created on a HP laptop. Are you trying to do this underwater while handcuffed, by any chance?

First guesses:
1) wrong HAL
2) wrong partition
3) wrong drivers for usb-sata combo for 2K3

Your Sony can show you an an external USB drive in the BIOS? That's interesting.

My first test would be to get another SATA drive with only one partition and install 2003 on it, while attached to the sony. If that boots and runs, then you know it's possible.

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Thanks for response and sorry for the confusion..

by araj_98 In reply to Confuuuuusing....

Let me explain again, Win 2003 was originally installed on Seagate SATA drive on a HP laptop.
I am trying to boot from SATA internal drive on Sony laptop.
I can see it in the BIOS but windows doesnt load.

That didnt work so I tried to boot it from the same drive using USB. Thats when it loads the first screen then blue screen and goes into loop..

Thanks again!

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Why not try a In Place Install of 2003?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for response and s ...

I'm of course assuming that you have the install Media Available.

Every Driver is likely to be wrong as the hardware is so different this is one of the things with Windows of any description it doesn't like having the hardware changed on it. But here you have effectively changed the entire computer I wouldn't expect it to even consider working.


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Thanks Col!

by araj_98 In reply to Why not try a In Place In ...

I do have the install media available. I tried it with the boot cd. I would like to avoid reformatting as I have few other applications installed on it, on different partitions.

Its not detecting the hard disc, so my question is how do I install the windows?

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Down load the drivers for the SATA,

by ComputerCookie In reply to Thanks Col!

I assume it is a SATA II, press F6 when prompted to install RAID drivers.

No such thing as SATA II for WIN 2003!

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where do I find the drivers?

by araj_98 In reply to Down load the drivers for ...

I looked for them on Intel's website, no luck.


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RE SATA Driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 server doesn ...

You need to get this from the Sony Web Site as this drive is now connected to a Sony Computer.


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by araj_98 In reply to RE SATA Driver

I will try that.

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