Windows 2003 Server Enterprise (Cluster)

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I currently have three domain controllers all running windows 2003 server enterprise edition. We run software called medisoft which is medical software that has a few diffrent databases. My client in case of a failure of the server where everything is on does not want to be down for more then twenty minutes. I was thinking about setting up a Majority-Node cluster. I know you aren't suppose to run clusters on domain controllers. Once again I have three domain controllers 1 DC that host all the info that users are accessing. The other two DC's just replicate DNS/Active Directory info. What is the best way I can reconfigure these three servers? Should I demote the main DC to a member server? Also how does the cluster work does it replicate folders of your choice to the other nodes? I never setup one before so bear with me please?
plez answer me one server to 3 same server create how to plz
Malek Shahbuddin

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MNS Cluster

by Churdoo In reply to Windows 2003 Server Enter ...

Majority Node Set is only a method for replicating the QUORUM of a given cluster in lieu of a shared disk, it does not provide a mechanism for replicating the clustered resource disk, i.e. your medisoft application/data. So unless your Medisoft app has its own way for synchronous replication of its own data for a failover scenario, then you'll still have to use a shared storage device, and if you have to use a shared storage device, then you may as well create a conventional failover cluster.

You do want to demote any cluster member so that it is not a DC before you begin.

To meet the criteria of a 20-minute max downtime in the event of failure, it sounds like you'll probably have to upgrade the disk anyway and may have to install a baby SAN that can meet the High Availability criteria imposed by your client. That being the case, budget a 4th server into this upgrade and you can create a 2-node cluster and have 2 DC's for your Active Directory replication.

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