Windows 2003 Server - File Replication

By jlabadessa ·

I have a need to establish real-time replication between 2 servers, both running Windows 2003 Server OS, linked by T1.

The data to be replicated will be standard user Microsoft document types (.doc, .xls, etc.) and we are only concerned about "one-way" replication, in the event of an extended outage to our corporate location.

I understand that Windows OS has an internal replication function, however have never used or setup.

Does anyone have experience with the new file replication features of Win 2k3 server??

Is there any major performance impact to primary server?

We are looking for a process other than the nightly copy routines used in the past.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Joe Labadessa
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Try Microsoft Groove

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Fil ...

Try Groove if all your trying to do is save Office generated documents.

It's not a disaster recovery program but collaboration via the web.

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File Replication

by jlabadessa In reply to Try Microsoft Groove

Thanks...We actually use Groove for some doc sharing and other collaborative stuff.

However, I am looking for real-time replication for DR purposes. thx


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DFS in R2

by Sobe1Knobe In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Fil ...

You can you use Distributed File System (DFS) in Windows Server 2003. It provides an orderly namespace as well as redundant file resources. However, the replication engine behind this functionality called File replication Service (FRS) is fraught with problems since it's inception in Win2K. From hotfix to hotfix, it has become more stable in Win2K3.

Currently we use the DFS service in Win2K3 to replicate our namespace data in conjunction with Tacit Appliance that replicates our SYSVOL.

Tacit is a smart enough to replicate only the changes made to the file as suppose to the whole file so instead of replicating a whole 25MB file across your servers, you are only replicating 16KB of changed data.

Looking into R2 DFSR which will eliminate Tacit and purely have a MS replication service.

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File Replication

by jovenmail In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Fil ...

Hi, just use the DFS (Distributed File System) feature of Windows server 2003. That might help your problem..


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Did you find the answer to this?

by mgallott In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Fil ...

I wasnt able to make this work. :)

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need details of DFS or FRS in Win2K3

by beyonder422 In reply to Did you find the answer t ...

I am trying to set-up file replication for web farm purposes.

I am familiar with DFS in WinSrvr 2K3, but the first step in Wizard asks for "Host" server and I want redundant servers making files available. So DFS "Host" implementation looks like it only makes "Root" and "Links" available via namespace FROM "Host" server.

I want to place file on one server and have file replicated to several other servers for back-up purposes, and if one server goes down, other servers can be used.

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