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    Windows 2003 Server license


    by tom.korth ·

    I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition running the company email. I would like to install the Windows Server 2003 license on my old (non production) server to test Windows updates before installing the updates on my email server. Please note to get Windows update I will need to connect the “old server” to the company network. I contacted Microsoft Activation center but they were not much help, “One license, one server install, that’s it”. Will I have any problems when connecting the second server to the network?


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      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to Windows 2003 Server license

      No you shouldn’t as there will be no [b]Network Shares[/b] on it so it should just add in without a problem.

      As far as activation goes with 2003 you can always say something about your new server breaking down and you’ve had to push your Old Server back into use till the new one gets repaired. I’ve never actually had a problem with the server OS from MS when it comes to activation but then again I’ve always brought Volume License copies and I do know that MS here in AU do encourage you to have one Test unit to run these patches on before rolling them out across the network.

      Even the 120 Day Time Bombs [b]Trial Versions[/b] that MS where handing out where licensed for 5 units and every Retail copy that I’ve seen listed on my price List from the suppliers comes with a 5 site license granted these are all OEM copies but MS shouldn’t have a problem unless you are using the unit to make money and they they quite rightly would say that you should buy another License for the unit in question. But if it’s only for testing purposes MS here at least encourage this but the Techs do tell me that if I have to Activate the product not to tell the Activation side of the business what I’m actually doing just something along the lines of what’s posted above about needing to push your old unit back into service while the new one gets repaired.

      Of course if the unit came from the likes of HP you should only get one copy per machine and if you install 2003 from the Restore CD you’ll have to hunt down a lot of drivers that will not be included on the Restore CD because it’s been made for different hardware. But if you have the time and inclination it’s doable.


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