Windows 2003 server - Local Security Policy setting

By Jess001 ·

Presently, my company is using Windows 2000 server as the domain controller and configured with Active Directory. I have a another Windows 2003 server for centralize file sharing. The Win 2003 did not join the domain, only login as local administrator.

Now, my network user unable to access the shared folder in Windows 2003. After, checking the error message, found out that under the Win 2003 the local Security Policy setting (Local policies, User Rights Assignment), the security policy for 'Access this computer from the network' the setting was disappeared. I have manually added/assigned the user rights such everyone, users, backup operators, administrator and etc. After a while the setting disappear again.

Really do not know what is the cause?

Need help urgently.


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Share permission

by Uv7 In reply to Windows 2003 server - Loc ...

You are changing NTFS permissions, but 2003 has a default share permission of read. Change it to full control.

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what are the steps then?

by Jess001 In reply to Share permission

I am a bit confuse.
How to go about it?
Please help.

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biggest problem

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 server - Loc ...

is that the W2003 server isn't part of the AD domain.

domains like workgroups are security boundries. So having a W2003 server in a workgroup on the same physical network as an AD domain, users will always be prompted to supply user name and password to access shared resources in the workgroup. So every user must have a user account on the W2003 file server. the easiest remedy is to just joing the W2003 server to the domain. problem solved.

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Still not working

by Jess001 In reply to biggest problem

after signed in/joined in as domain member, the problem still occurred. The Local Secutity Policy -> Local Policies -> user rights assignment, the user rights to access the computer from network still disappear!!

Can't figure out what is the root cause.

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I have a very similar problem.

by bpace In reply to Still not working

Have you figured this out?

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I have same problem

by In reply to I have a very similar pro ...

If you've figured this out, please contact me at - I too have configured the "access this computer" settings and as soon as I close Admin Tools, the settings disappear.

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AD is overwritting the settings

by helge In reply to I have same problem

First the local policy is aplied, then the AD policy settings overloads settings set in the AD. I just can't find where to change the policy in the AD. Does anyone know?

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by IC-IT In reply to AD is overwritting the se ...

or the Group policy Tab for that OU's properties and set this key.

Machine Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment Access this computer from the network

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