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Windows 2003 Server - Network Slowdown

By OriDjinn ·
OK, here is a really tough one, so I am going to assign alot of points on this one.

We have a Windows 2003 Development domain with 6 Windows 2003 Servers, several running standard edition and a couple running Web Edition. When we browse the network from one of the win2k3 servers to another win2k3 server, the shares of that server are displayed in approximately 2-3 seconds. No lag whatsoever! When we browse our production environment from a win2k3 server to a win2k server, only takes about2-3 seconds (no lag again). When we browse the network using one of our win2k production servers to the win2k3 development servers, there is also no lag, approximately 2-3 seconds.

Where we are having the issue is any win2k or winXP workstations! When the workstations browse the network to one of the win2k3 servers, there is a lag of approximately 15 seconds. This also occurs when we try to execute an application that looks at data on the development win2k3 servers. The network browsing for the production win2k machines are fine (2-3 seconds). This tells me there is an issue specifically from the workstation class machines to the win2k3 server class machines. It seems as almost a priority has been set between the servers and all other requests are denied.

Any thoughts on the matter would be great!

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by wroming In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Net ...

You want to make sure that all your servers on their network card are set to 100mb Full Duplex now if you have 1000gb cards it needs to be set to that FULL that is if they are plugged into switches that can handle that. Also on your switches they also for those ports need to be set to the same that away there is no lag on the network side.

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by jeffsmith In reply to Windows 2003 Server - Net ...

Same type of issue smaller network. Found that if the workstation machines were not updated with all of the microsoft updates they would be very slow and lose connections even. After updating all of the workstation machines no further problems. good luck

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