Windows 2003 Server performance

By jlatham1957 ·
I took over a shop that is running SQL 2000 on a Windows 2003 server. This guy is a DOG! I can tell that even though it seems to have addiquite memory and disk capacity, it is fragmented in the worst kind of way. At the disk level Windows says to defrag after running the analyzer. At the file level some of the files show to be 80-90% fragmented. Clearly this machine has not been defraged in over a year. I don't have access to any fancy administrator software tools and have to make do with the Window tool.

What is my best approach to getting this DOG back to throwbread status?

Can I safely run Windows defrag during low usaged times (lunch or early in the AM) until I complete a full pass?

I would hate to use the scheduler and come in to find a big problem waiting on me.

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sometimes you just have to turn it on

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 Server perfo ...

run it...

so is this a single core server? might consider hardware migration.

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Out on it's own

by jlatham1957 In reply to sometimes you just have t ...

Yes, really a singel server configuration as far as data goes. I have a server doing DNS, DHCP, WINS and Applications and the DOG where all the SQL data resides.

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well it's it's an all in one box single processor

by CG IT In reply to Out on it's own

probably overtaxing the hardware....

defrag might make searching the HDD a bit faster but it's not going to solve overtaxed resource problems. Especially with SQL in there with multiple connections.

I'd do the defrag after hours when no one is using the server. heck unplug the network cable to make sure...

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