Windows 2003 server Permission

By dmuthukumar ·
I have installed 2003 server .i created few user for middle management.some user for employee.i want give install permission to middle management

how can i give ?Please help me

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More Information

by Wizard-09 In reply to Windows 2003 server Permi ...

Do you want to give them install permissions on the server or on their own work stations you need to give more information on what your trying to do if your using AD you can create OU's and aply GPO settings to the OU's for the like of installing software please give more information on this.

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ok fine

by dmuthukumar In reply to More Information

1.i have created two OU is middle management and other one is employee

3.i want to give the permission all software installing and removing (MIDDLE MANAGEMENT GROUP)

4.Employee OU restricted group to apply the Group policy

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Now i'm telling clearly

by dmuthukumar In reply to More Information

i've installed new i created two new OU.1.OU for management people and 2. OU for employees.

1.Management people i want give full ermission
2.Employee for only limited permission

MY Question Is: how to apply the permission?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Now i'm telling clearly

Use GPO, if you don't know how to use GPO google it. You only need to setup a GPO for non management unless you want to do other things like lock it down a little.

In order for you to get the results needed you need to complete a GPO template good luck.

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i ll try same thing

by dmuthukumar In reply to Simple

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