Windows 2003 server sharing in a workgroup

By cwoodhams ·
I have a small home network. I have added a server running Windows 2003 server strictly as a file server. I am attempting to share a drive with other workstations on the network. They are running WInXP Pro. I have went through all the steps of setting up a share, and setting permissions. The other workstations see the server on the network, but do not see the share under it. On a different server running Win2000 server, and the same workstations see a share directory on it just file. What am I missing?

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I think you'll find this depends on the LAN

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 server shari ...

Configuration and the version of 2003 that you are using.

If you have a Workgroup and are using the RC2 Version of 2003 it need to be in a Domain not a Workgroup.

If that's the case you'll need to setup a Domain and connect the XP machines to it and set up the server accordingly.


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Permission problems

by cwoodhams In reply to Windows 2003 server shari ...

I have actually gotten by the initial problem. I can now map a network drive from the workstations. But when I try to open the mapped drive I get a error saying that I don't have permission, and to see my network administrator. Hmmmm. Since I am the administrator, that is annoying.

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Yep I agree M$ is annoying

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Permission problems

But that is just a Fact of Life. By the sounds of things you don't have the server correctly configured so that is where you should be looking to fix this at.

The Network Admin comment here though actually makes a lot of sense as they are the ones who should know what they are doing and if M$ was to post Read the Help Files I'm sure that many more people would get peeved off with them.


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really need more detailed information

by CG IT In reply to Permission problems

you said you setup the share and set permissions, but how is the workgroup setup? how were permissions configured.

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