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Windows 2003 Service Pack 1

By BFilmFan ·
I would like to caution the TR members that Service Pack 1 for Windows 2003 has several well-documented bugs listed in Microsoft Technical Article 89367:

I would caution everyone that has Exchange 2003 and Citrix in the environment that this service pack will be extermely disruptive.

Currently there is a known issue that remote Citrix Xp FR3 clients cannot connect. Microsoft recommends contacting Citrix, which is a finger-pointing gesture at best and a cop-out at worst.

Exchange 2003 SP1 has several well-documented issues such as when running in mixed-mode XML attachments are blocked in Outlook Web Access, Privacy issues are caused when you use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) addresses for mailbox addressing in Outlook Web Access and MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents (MHTML) attachments display differently in Outlook Web Access.

Service Pack 1 also changes the authentication for DCOM and RPC, which could lead to issues in applications not using an account in the computer-wide Access Control List (ACL).

My advice on this Service Pack is to begin testing but delay implementation in a production environment for a minimum of 1 quarter and 2 quarters is my personal recommendation to clients. This service pack is essentially a very deep re-write of the kernal and services.

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by Prana7 In reply to Windows 2003 Service Pack ...

if you have back up server which is for testing. then use that and download sp1 or new update to install into backup or test server. while you monitor that server if there are no plm. you can go ahead to install real server.

i always do that because i dont want end users got frustrated or lose their data on their workstations.

update patch or new sp1 or sp2 are scared. like you said that there is issue that remote citrix xp fr3 will give you big headache.
i like to get less headache

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by advancedgeek In reply to wonder

less headache is much better than more headache.

Thanks for the heads up B...

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by BFilmFan In reply to wonder

I suspect the real issues are generated at the domain controllers than at a member server level. I'd advise using VMWare to create a virtual AD test forest with a couple of domain controllers and a couple of member servers.

Expecially since member servers don't authenticate users in an AD environment normally and the DC's do.

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