Windows 2003 Shares not working

By dlee ·
We have windows 2003 ent sp2. File shares on the server does not work. I can access \\servername and get listing of the file shares, however i can nnot access any of the shares i get a message that no network provider accepted the given network path. If i try and connect on \\ServerIP i get error Windows cannot find ServerIP. If i try to connet to \\Localhost i get Windows cannot find ... if i try to connect to \\ i get windows cannot find ....

I can Net view the Servername and get a list of shares, but can not net view \\Server IP get error code 87 Paramater is incorrect.

I have tried the following:
Rebuild TCP\IP
Repair windows
Changed IP
Changed Hostname
Checked the GPO
No Firewall
Anti-Virus Turned off.
Sharelevel access everyone Full Control
NTFS Level access Everyone Full Control

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by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Windows 2003 Shares not w ...

It seems that you did a lot of checks, but there is left NetBios settings.

In the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" properties go to Advanced -> WINS
And set the NetBios settings from Default to Enable.

Maybe this will fix it.

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Same issue

by dlee In reply to NetBios

Hi did as your sugested, even bounced the server, still no luck, same issues.

Thanks for the replies, i am really stumped looks like a server rebuild at this point in time.

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Basic Questions here

by Kenone In reply to Windows 2003 Shares not w ...

Can you ping the server from a workstation?
Is file and Printer sharing turned on?
Can you map a drive to a share?

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Can ping

by dlee In reply to Basic Questions here

Yes i can ping the server.
File and print sharing is turned on.
No i cannot map a drive to or from the server. get error: Network Resource can not be found

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the problem is here.

by CG IT In reply to Windows 2003 Shares not w ...

to quote you "If i try and connect on \\ServerIP i get error Windows cannot find ServerIP"

your machine has to be able to find the server address to connect.

if you know the ip address of the server, then the syntax is \\server ip address\share name. Note: you must be on the same subnet as the server.

If you use that syntax, and stil can not connect to the share, then make sure file and printer sharing is enabled in the network card properties on the server [should be enabled by default].

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Thanks but no Go

by dlee In reply to the problem is here.

I am trying to brows the shares localy on the server. the sytax is correct as i use the exact same syntax on the other servers. \\ is the IP or \\servername both of these should give me a share listing. \\ also returns "Windows cannot find \\ make sure you have spelled ....." File and print sharing is enabled.

Thanks for the response

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TCP/IP Reset

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Thanks but no Go

Try to reset the TCP/IP stack, with the following two commands:
As i remember this will set the server to use DHCP for IP configuration
Then you will need to restart the server.

netsh int ip reset
netsh winsock reset

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IP Reset

by dlee In reply to TCP/IP Reset

I have run the netsh int ip reset command, will try the winsock rest and report back,


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Winsock reset

by dlee In reply to TCP/IP Reset

Nope did not work, same results.

Thanks for helping ..

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Offline files

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to Winsock reset

Check offline files on the server, try enable or disable it, sometimes they cause troubles like this.

if it did not work, try to re-initialize the offline cache by doing:
Tools -> Folder Options -> Offline files

Press Ctrl+Shift and hit "Delete Files" button, then restart.
But this will delete all offline files on the server if they exist; i don't believe that anyone using it inside a server.

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