Windows 2003 small business server download trial

By Healer ·
I understand that Windows 2003 is a very old system now by Windows standard.

However I would like to have one installed for testing some features even for 30 days or 60 days. I wonder if anybody knows where I can download a copy for trial.

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Unfortunately M$ no longer has 2003 R2 available for Trial Purposes

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 small busine ...

They do not have anything prior to 2008 and that is available here for a 90 Day Trial though you will have to register with Tech Net


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2003 SBS still popular

by Healer In reply to Unfortunately M$ no longe ...

Most of the people I work for still have 2003 rather than 2008. Some still have 2000 or NT4 servers. I do have 2008 installed and running for testing though.

By the way I do have 2003 server. Perhaps I should try to install various server components on it to make up an SBS for testing. I am afraid doing in this way is more complicated and takes more resources and do not reflect the actuality of an SBS.

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Well to be perfectly honest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 2003 SBS still popular

I don't have a single client who is running 2008. Yep I've sold a lot of copies of 2008 but loaded 2003 as the Software that they use doesn't support 2008.

Well after all it's a Medical program and can do funny things like loose the Patient Allergic records under 2008 so it's pretty important tot he patients but maybe not the doctors who may wish to see some of them off their books.

I would just load up a copy of 2003 onto Hardware that you want and use it that way. You can run it for 30 Days without activating it and even then if you need to activate it you can just ring M$ and get an activation Key.

If you know anyone M$ used to put out 2003 Kits for Testing Purposes so these should be freely available and you can install them as many times as you like without problems. I have a few here and others should have some as well.


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2003 SBS is what I would like to get hold of

by Healer In reply to Well to be perfectly hone ...

Thanks for your response!

Are you saying you sold 2008 but installed 2003?

I do have a copy of 2003 server but I would like to have a 2003 small business server to play with.

If you have a copy of 2003SBS for testing purpose that I can install and run I am keen to get hold of a copy. Any chance? If you can send me a message I will pay you for the postage and handling.

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