Windows 2003 Standard server reboots with 4GB RAM


I have a Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition server which runs perfectly with 2GB of ram.

I need to upgrade it to 4GB as users are complaining that it is getting slower (Its a terminal server)

When I add an addition 2 x 1 GB DIMMS(identical to the original 2 right down to the batch number ....)the bios recognizes the 4GB but Windows gets as far as the splash screen and then the server reboots.

I've tried replacing the motherboard ( Intel S5000PSL) and the memory but I get the same result.

Any ideas?


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This really sounds like Mismatched RAM here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows 2003 Standard ser ...

It could be plain Faulty RAM or it may be a Timing Issue. You can test the RAM with a RAM Testing Utility like Mem Test or there are several on the Ultimate Boot CD available to download here

I would first test the original Sticks and then remove them and test the new RAM Also check the Brand of RAM you are using here against the Tested RAM that Intel claims are compatible with this M'Board here

I do not know this particular M'Board but some do not like to have all the RAM Sockets filled with the slower cheaper RAM types so you need to up the size of the RAM to 2 GIG Capacity by 2 Sticks to achieve the 4 GIG of RAM on some systems. This allows you to have the amount of RAM that you want and still have free Ram Slots available.

The other alternative is to fit faster RAM to the M'Board and use the smaller Sticks they both work out at about the same price and if you need to increase the amount of RAM that the M'Board is caring you will need to replace it all at the same time.


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You'd think it was ....

by AJPSA In reply to This really sounds like M ...

Hi Col

Thanks for your speedy response.

I also thought that initially. I managed to get 4 DIMMS from the same batch. They all test fine with Mem Test.

Going to try your suggestion and get 2 x 2GB DIMMS and see if this works.

Thanks again


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Your Welcome

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to You'd think it was ....

Glad I could be of some assistance.


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No change

by AJPSA In reply to Your Welcome

Tried 2 x 2GB DIMMS instead of 4 x 1 GB DIMMS .... still no joy.

Stayed on the splash screen for a bit longer before restarting but thats all.

Booting in safe mode it freezes on acpitabl.dat

Any one??

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Well as this M'Board supports 32 GIG of RAM supposedly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No change

in 8 RAM Slots it should be able to carry 4 GIG Ram Chips.

If it's not working with 2 X 2 or 4 X 1 GIG RAM the only thing it can be is that you are using unsupported RAM so try looking at the Supported RAM List here in a PDF Format File.

You may also be required to update the BIOS to the newest available which is located here

It really sounds as if the RAM in use here is unsuitable for this M'Board.


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Same problem, but no solution yet

by raywu168 In reply to Windows 2003 Standard ser ...

I have the same problem, Windows 2003 and 2008 was rebooting after memory upgrade. Boot up with SUSE Live CD, it works fine. After I disabled "4GB remapping" in BIOS, the system has 3GB usable memory, Windows 2003 and 2008 boot up normal. I am using Asus motherboard. Anybody know a solution?Thanks.

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by balge In reply to Same problem, but no solu ...

sorry not sure what your problem is?
it didn't boot but now it does?
you fitted 4GB and it only shows 3GB? - thats because the system uses some for addressing etc. quite normal
or am I being thick...

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by raywu168 In reply to which

Sorry, I did not make it clear. I have 4 x 1GB memory installed, I have to change the BIOS to force the motherboard to have 3GB usable memory for Windows 2003 or 2008 to boot up. My goal is use 4GB in Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 instead of 3037MB.

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like I said..

by balge In reply to 4GB

.. the system uses some address space, Windows doesn't show this as available to Windows..hence 4GB installed will always show as less in Windows
32bit is 4GB - or is this 64bit OS...

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RE: {i]My goal is use 4GB in Windows 2003 or Windows 2008 instead of 3037MB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to 4GB

The only what that this is possible is to use a 64 Bit OS. There is no 32 Bit OS that can use or show 4 GIG of RAM.

This is a issue with every 32 Bit OS it simply Can Not Map more than about 3.25 GIG. That means every 32 Bit version of Windows, Unix, Linux and so on.

If you sole goal is to have 4 GIG of RAM Showing in Windows you need to have a 64 Bit OS in use there is no other way to achieve this.


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