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Windows 2003 to Windows 2003 r2 upgrade

By michael.korban ·
I have a single forest w/ two sites east and west. All the DC's in the west are win2k3 r2, the servers in the east are win2k3 sp1. I need to up grade my DC's (east site) to R2 in order to support Identity Management services for Unix. My question is this;

Do I need to run the adprep /forestprep on both of my DC's or is one enough?...or is there no need as my West DC have done this already?

I assume I will need to run adprep /forestprep
on both my DC's (east) in order to support the added features R2 has...just want to be 100%.

Thx in advance,

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Just once for the forest

by geeksbearinggifts In reply to Windows 2003 to Windows 2 ...

hence the name... forestprep. :) when it was run on your
west dc's, the schema was replicated across the forest, so
if you try to run it again on another dc anywhere in the
forest, even another domain, you'll just get a message that
says that the forest has already been prepped. (If you're
not sure if replication is happening normally, you can use
dcdiag to check.)

adprep /domainprep might be a good idea to run once in
each domain, though. I'm less sure about what this one
does (not much, I don't think), but it is domain-specific.

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Get ready for a major pain in the butt if you install Exchange 2003

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Windows 2003 to Windows 2 ...

because Windows 2003 R2 introduces new schema classes, so you need to make sure all servers are running R2, even the ones to be hosting your Exchange system. It's not that big of a deal, but proper plannning will ensure a smooth rollout.

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I have to disagree...

by ttosun In reply to Get ready for a major pai ...

I have 2 DC's running R2 and an Exchange 2003 on Server 03 Standard SP1 and I have had no issues. The Exchange server does not have to be R2.

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Yes, but you'll be prompted to insert 2nd CD from R2

by Why Me Worry? In reply to I have to disagree...

which can stop an Exchange installation in its tracks if you don't have the CD media on hand.

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I won't argue with you there...

by ttosun In reply to Yes, but you'll be prompt ...

You're absolutely right about that. But from your original post it sounded like it you said wouldn't work at all.

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how about on a member server

by jon427 In reply to Get ready for a major pai ...

Have same problem with MK - 2 Dc's and exchange 2003 on member server running windows server 2003. The way i understand it is that, i need to run the adprep also to the exchange box (2003 member server), before adding a new DC windows Server 2003 R2?


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Similar Problem

by bdminor In reply to Windows 2003 to Windows 2 ...

I have a DC running Win Server 2003 SP2 (standard) and I would like to join a 2nd DC that is running Win Server 2003 64 bit R2.

When I attempt to run the ADPREP like this:
I get this error:
The image file F:\CMPNENTS\R2\ADPREP\ADPREP.EXE is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine.

How do I get past this error?
I appreciate all assistance in advance.


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