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    windows 2003 URL Browsing problem


    by lloydz1 ·


    Sorry my first post as all my other queries were already answered, but this one has stumped me

    I have a small network which consists of Windows 2003 enterprise and 10 Win xp terminals
    we are connected to the internet via two routers the first one behind the modem is wireless router (dhcp enabled) which then dmz’s everything to a second cable router (dhcp disabled) the windows 2003 server acts as the only DC , DHCP + DNS.

    My 2003 server was working fine yesterday (by the way this server is only 5 days old as the old one was having issues). I was able to browse the internet fine, I decided to install Exchange 2003 and started the process i had added IIS ,, NNTP, SMTP, World Wide Web Services, when a college of mine dcdiag and netdiag returned with no errors :-). I decided to run forestprep when my college running accross and told me you cant install exchage without service pack 2 installed so i chacked and i had not installed it. so i canceeled forest prep 1/2 way through. it told me it could not be cancelled while in the middle of a task so i left it finish. then i decided to do a backup before upgarding to service pack 2 so did that then i got called away. to do some other tasks

    i came back in the following day and went to browse to windows update but cant open the page
    tried bbc website same problem again tried searching in google but can’t search.
    tried going to other sites that i had never gone to before e.g. and it worked.
    Tried browsing to windows update via IP and it works but not via URL.
    So I thought the problem has got to be DNS but the strange thing is I can browse propally on all the Client PC’s
    So I thought it must be my DNS so i set the dns in network connections to point to the router and ntl’s default dns settings and but still i could not browse propally.
    tried ipconfig/flushdns – nothing.
    tried restoring all my settings to default in internet explorer – nothing.
    tried setting them all to minimum – nothing.

    I’m lossed now anyone got any idea it would be really appreciated
    many thanx

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      by lloydz1 ·

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      by bincarnato ·

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      Set the primary DNS of the NIC on the server as it’s own IP address and then add your ISP’s DNS servers as a second and third DNS server. Then in the DNS admin page on the server, add your ISP’s DNS server as fowarders on the properties of your primary zone. There should be a forwarders tab.

      What DNS addresses are getting issued to client PCs via DHCP? Is it your server’s IP address or your ISP’s DNS?

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