Windows 2008 CAL's

By dloewen ·
Just purchased my first server and have the following question:

If I build a LAN with server(running server 2008), 10 desktops and one printer I believe that I need 11 CAL's. Now, if I add two desktops that can access the server via a VPN, is that two additional CAL's?

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Will they ever all be connected at the same time?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Windows 2008 CAL's

I believe TS will give you 1 "free" connection as admin.....but it is my understanding that if you have 12 clients (with different usernames)& 1 device with a designated IP you would be required to have 13 CAL's....but doesn't MS only sell them in blocks of 5 you'd be required to purchase 15 anyway.

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Well not quite right

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Will they ever all be con ...

The Server App has 5 CAL's Included with it.

As for the way that M$ Sell CAL's you can buy them individually in blocks of 5, 10, 20, 50 for small buy in amounts or if there is a large requirement you can buy what is required.

Naturally the more that you buy initially or the Bigger the Batch of CAL's the cheaper that they are to buy individually. It is considerably cheaper to buy a Block of 20 CAL's than 2 X 10 Blocks or 4 X 5 Blocks.

So if you needed 20 CAL's you would buy 20 not 2 X 10 or the even more expensive 4 X 5.

Well that was the story last time I bought any CAL's but it may have changed in the past few days just like everything else when it comes to M$ Licensing.

Depends on who you speak to at M$ as to what they tell you is required. I've even got two different stories from the same person within 15 minutes of each other.


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